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Complaints of Poor Vision – How LASIK Can Help

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lasik surgery

Poor vision or weak eyesight is a common problem faced by people of all groups and ages. The reduction in ability to focus and clearly visualize near or far objects leads to problems. There are two basic classifications of weal eyesight disorders:

• Myopia (short-sightedness):

The inability to clearly visualize distant objects; instead, blurry or unfocused images are formed by eye. Problems are mostly faced during driving and focus on traffic signs or boards.

• Hyperopia (farsightedness):

The lack of ability to focus on near objects that are closer to eye. Problems faced during reading books or any other writing.
There is also a condition in which a person can have both disorders. For any of these conditions, the possible treatment offered is the aid of glasses and contact lenses. There are many different types of glasses and contact lenses which are concave, convex, planar or bifocal etc. so visit the website here!

What is Lasik laser surgery?

Lasik surgery is a type of refractive surgery to correct many eye problems. LASIK is an acronym for ‘laser assisted in situ keratomileusis’. The process simply involves reshaping the retina. Retina is the part of eye where the light rays are focused to form an image. In most of the poor vision problems, retina has been affected and image doesn’t from where it normally does. So LASIK is retina reshaping. LASIK surgery involves directing focused and direct beam of laser on cornea followed by removal minute amount to tissue to reform retina.

Complications & ease to perform:

A general trend observed is that LASIK surgery is considered quite simple and easy. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes for a single eye. After the performance of LASIK surgery, the rest time required for patient is minimal. The patient needs very little time to stabilize and can return home after fulfilling some mandatory post procedure requirements. The recovery period is also very short from a week to at most a month.

The future prospects of LASIK surgery:

It is a painless procedure during and after it is carried out is more efficient and precise than mechanical refractive surgery. Laser technology has made the medical diagnostics and treatments take to new horizons. The future of LASIK is more promising as there is full recovery of vison from all sorts of poor vision conditions like myopia, hyperopia etc.

NO MORE DEPENDENCE ON GLASSES AND CONTACT LENSES. In most of the conditions there are no side effects or post procedure complications. Success rate of the process is quite high.please go to this website: http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/09/just-how-safe-is-laser-eye-surgery/

Is LASIK my answer?

lasik surgery

It is important that before you decide on the procedure, a professional recommends LASIK surgery. The situation varies from patient to patient! Before undergoing the procedure eye tests are done to get detailed analysis and also to evaluate the condition and health of eye for the procedure.

LASIK surgery is a very reliable solution for poor vision. This medical and surgical advancement technology based on laser can be a promising solution to specs and lenses, which continuously need renewal after a certain time as well as care since they are fragile.