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Top 10 Questions To Ask Your NV Eye Doctor About Lasik

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Choosing a surgeon for Lasik is not something you should take lightly, so we selected the most important questions you should ask your NV eye doctor.

  1. Experience

The NV eye doctor’s experience is a very important question when it comes to selecting the right surgeon for Lasik. You will not want a doctor who performed one or two Lasik operations. Try to get the information in ways possible, ask people, check the reviews and watch video testimonials. The patients who underwent the operation will give you the reliable information.

  1. After The Surgery

After the LASIK treatment, the patient will be sent home with a recommendation to stay out of sunlight for the rest of the day. The NV eye doctor usually sets an appointment within 24 hours of the treatment, including several more follow-up visits. These visits will control the healing process so in case of any complications, the doctor can act promptly.

  1. The Surgeon

Your Lasik eye doctor should be the only surgeon performing the procedure. In case some other, less skilled person takes on the responsibility, that is a risk you do not want to accept.

  1. Does The Doctor Treat Other Eye Conditions?

This is not a very important criterion, but it would be better if the NV eye doctor can treat some other eye conditions and provide some additional vision treatments aside from Lasik.

  1. Recording And Publishing Surgical Outcomes

Since the success rate of Lasik surgery is quite high, your Lasik surgeon should have no problem publishing the surgical outcomes in a peer-reviewed journal. In addition, you can ask for access to statistical data, as the NV eye doctor with medical practice is legally allowed to provide.

  1. The Priorities

A great Lasik surgeon gives priority to patient’s safety rather than the income. This is not a question you can ask your NV eye doctor directly, but you can try to assess it according to the information available, and behavior of the doctor and medical staff at the practice.

  1. Actual Cost

You should also ask your NV eye doctor if the advertised price is the actual cost of Lasik surgery, or if there are some hidden costs to pay before or after the procedure. You will want to know the exact amount you have to pay, and whether it includes the follow-up visits and post-operative care. In this way you can find out about additional fees before you decide to undergo the procedure.

  1. The Accreditation

You will want to do the Lasik surgery at a practice that is a part of an accredited facility. Also, you can ask your NV eye doctor about the certifications issued by the accreditation bodies.

  1. Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance usually does not cover Lasik surgery, as it is not considered as a medical necessity. However, in the long-term the cost-savings is greater compared to wearing glasses or contact lenses for the rest of your life.

  1. Financial availability

There are different financing options available, so you do not have to worry about this.

After asking these questions your NV eye doctor, we hope you will have a clear idea about Lasik surgeon. And you can see more question here in this link: http://www.afb.org/info/friends-and-family/for-parents/questions-to-ask-2057/235