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Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for Kids?

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Many people ask eye specialists this question when kids first express an enthusiasm for wearing contact lenses. However, the capacity to handle contact lenses capably is more critical than age alone when it comes to having contact lenses for children. Many Carson Valley real estate agents wear these as well. These same agents help you see clearly as you search Carson Valley real estate.

At What Age Can Children Start Wearing Contacts?

Physically, a kid’s eyes can endure contact lenses at an extremely young age. Indeed, even a few newborn children are fitted with contact lenses because of innate waterfalls or other eye conditions present during childbirth. What’s more, in a late study that included fitting partially blind offspring ages 8-11 with one-day dispensable contact lenses, 90 percent of the children experienced no difficulty applying or removing the contacts without help from their guardians.

Handling the contact lenses

If you are considering contact lenses for children, examine how your child handles different obligations. Does he or she have great organizational skills, keep their room and restroom clean, and complete schoolwork and chores well?

If they aren’t organized or clean, they may not be prepared for the obligation of wearing and watching over contact lenses. Be that as it may, if they handle such obligations well, they may be able to use contacts well and take care of them.

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Contact Lenses for Sports

For children who are dynamic in games, contact lenses offer various focal points over glasses. If your child wears eyeglasses for games regardless of the fact that they have swayed safe poly-carbonate lenses, you still must stress over the edges breaking during physical games, potentially bringing about eye damage or added expenses.

Game contact lenses dispense with these issues and give different advantages too, including an unhampered perspective of the playing field for better fringe vision that empowers your child to respond more quickly to different players and protests, for example, a soccer ball or baseball drawing closer from the side. Contact lenses for children likewise stay stable on your kid’s eyes when he or she is running, for more exact and stable vision.

Numerous contact lenses, particularly gas penetrable lenses, offer preferred optics over eyeglasses. This prompts clearer vision that may enhance sports execution. For instance, a baseball player may see the ball a couple of milliseconds sooner with fresh vision from contact lens. Use this link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/halloween-contact-lenses-blinded-says-6673008

Building Self-Esteem with Contact Lenses


Numerous children feel hesitant wearing eyeglasses or don’t care for the way they look in glasses. Wearing contact lenses regularly can enhance how children feel about their appearance, hoisting their fearlessness. The scientists likewise found that kids as young as 8 years of age were as proficient as adolescents at wearing and looking after the silicone hydrogel contact lenses for children.