Preparing for a cataract surgery: the dos and the don’ts

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As we grow old, our body becomes weak, our vision gets blurred, and our senses get weaker. With old age, various diseases and ailments affect our body. One, therefore, needs to take proper care of their body to be fit and fine.

Cataract as a disease

Cataract is one of the most common diseases that have affected most of the people, particularly at their older stage. Cataract is a condition where a dense layer is formed on top of our lenses which make it unclear and sometimes impossible to see with normal eyes.

Age-related cataract has affected a huge percentage of people and has caused blindness in severe cases. However, the blindness due to cataract can be corrected with the help of corrective surgery as affected lenses can be replaced with artificial ones.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to prepare oneself for the surgery before actually undergoing it.

Importance of cataract surgery and how one should go about it

First of all, the patients need to know whether they are suitable candidates for cataract surgery or not. One must visit an eye care professional or a physician and discuss the condition of the cataract before preparing for surgery.

The necessity of the cataract surgery is directly dependent on the severity of the patient’s vision loss due to the disease.

A patient must ask specific questions related to the condition of the cataract for a better understanding of the problem.

Clear your doubts

Questions concerning the stage of the cataract, possible treatment options, different types of intraocular lenses, the cost of the surgical procedure, recovery period and the risks involved are some of the must ask questions.

Only after knowing all the information, a patient must undergo surgery.

How to prepare effectively for a cataract surgery?

Preparing for a cataract surgery can be done by doing the following things:

  • A patient can take leave for a day or two if he is working.
  • He/she must take sufficient time on hand for the surgery and must also have assistance to drop home from the centre.
  • Eating light breakfast is encouraged.
  • A patient must avoid taking any alcoholic beverages at least before 24 hours of the surgery.
  • One should not put on eye make-up and should take a bath and ensure hygiene before surgery.
  • The surgery must take place in a clean and sterile environment.

Maintain discipline even after the surgery for faster recovery

Every surgery has risks. However, cataract surgery is known to be successful in most cases. However, an expert surgeon is all that one needs.

With the advent of laser technology, the operation is very accurate, and the insertion is done with precision.

  • Once the surgery is done, the recovery period is equally important for a patient to return to normalcy. Few things that one must do after a cataract surgery are:
  • One should take the eye drops and the medicines prescribed by the doctor regularly to recover within a short time.
  • One should avoid rubbing their eyes before they get adjusted with the new IOL lenses.
  • One should not lift heavy things as that can cause pressure for the eyes.
  • Sufficient rest is mandatory for getting things back to its normal state.
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